When it comes to raising your family, life is filled with all kinds of distractions. Distraction, that often fights for your child’s attention. As a parent, I’ve experienced this battle first-hand. The problem is that what wins the battle for your kid’s attention often shapes their future. 

This is where New Bright Future can help.  
According to the Profiles of College-Bound Seniors National Report, students who take music lessons score higher than their peers. Music instruction is a proven way to offer life-long skills that shape the way we view the world.

Musical Instruction:  
  • Shapes the way your kids think and process life. 
  • Inspires creative thinking.
  • Strengthens logic-based thinking. 
  • Develops new neurological pathways in the brain.  

Imagine a house filled with beautiful music…and higher math grades! It’s not an exaggeration; this powerful transformation happens, time after time.  

It’s why I’m passionate about helping others, like you; build a New Bright Future filled with music.  

 “Thank you so much for teaching me piano for 13 years! I still remember learning staccatos for the first time and our first recital and now my recording of my CD and arranging my song! ...Thank you so much for sharing with me not only the skills but how to enjoy playing, interpreting the stories behind each piece, and show musicianship. For that, you have been much more than just a great piano teacher. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on college.” – Emily Chen, Harvard graduate

“Thank you for teaching me what music is really about. You not only helped me pick out pieces, learn, practice, and play them, but you also showed me the ideas and musical meaning behind them. You also helped me lay down a firm foundation so I could, later on, express myself without worrying about the stability of the piece. New Bright Future helped me improve by setting higher goals for me and helping me achieve my full potential. Thank you again for all of the work that you have put in!” - Cassie Huang (1st Prize winner of MTNA Senior Competition)

“It has been a joy being part of New Bright Future! I love the way you push me to learn very challenging piano pieces, that when I was young, I would have only dreamed of playing before I took lessons with you. You have inspired me in life and in music to give my very best in everything. I was very lucky when we first started with you. My first recital song seemed so challenging at the time. But now I am playing college-level pieces and have recently won the First prize of the Junior division of the OMTA's Young Artist Competition. The Lord has blessed me by giving us such a wonderful teacher. And I pray He blesses you as well. Sincerely,” - Marissa Mathia (1st prize winner of multiple piano competitions.)

Music make’s a big-time difference in the quality and enjoyment of life. You can read all the powerful testimonials to find out just how big of difference musical instruction at New Bright Future makes. 

Reserve your New Bright Future today.  
Enrollment at New Bright Future is ongoing; however, our openings are extremely limited. The fact is, there are only so many students we can teach. If you want to take your music instruction to the next level contact New Bright Future today. Please don’t delay - call today 402-697-8388 or 402-697-8388.  You can also email at nbfomaha@gmail.com. 

But wait…
I’m convinced you will love your child’s New Bright Future. Because it’s important to find the best fit for your musical education if you’re not completely thrilled with your first lesson - it’s free. 
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Congratulation to Immanuel S. for being chosen as 2018 KVNO Classical Kid Award.
Congratulation to Marissa M. for winning the Nebraska Young Artist Award 2017
Congratulation to Marissa M. for winning the 1st Prize in 2016 OMTA Senior Division Young Artist Competition and M. Victor Borge Legacy Award 
Congratulation to Evalyn M. for winning 1st Prize in 2016 OMTA Junior Division Young Artist Competition
Congratulation Marrisa M. for winning the 1st prize in 2015 Senior division of Nebraska Piano Competition   Congratulation to Klim F. for winning 1st prize in  2015 Junior division of Nebraska Piano Competition
Congratulation to Julia B. for winning 3rd prize in 2015 Junior division of MTNA Piano Competition
Congratulation to Evalyn M. for winning 3rd prize in 2015 Junior division of OMTA Young Artist Competition
Emily Chen, started piano lesson at the age of 5 at New Bright Future. She was admitted to, and graduated from, Harvard University. She is now serving others while pursuing her dream of New Bright Future filled with music! Way to go Emily!  
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Congratulations Mr.Kenneth Soh for being a recipient of the     2017 Steinway Top Teacher Award from the Prestigious Steinway & Sons Company!