Over the last decade, there has been much scientific research proving that music education is a powerful tool for developing your child's full potential in life. Music instruction stimulates positive intellectual, social, and creative growth.  

Music Instruction:
Improves speech and reading skills.
Increases children's ability to focus their attention. 
Encourages a deeper sense of empathy for others.

Mission Statement:
At New Bright Future we are dedicated to offering you the absolute best musical instruction in the area.  

I have found that New Bright Future music students’ exhibit these seven key differences:

1.A proficient student
2.A community contributor
3.A team builder  
4.A critical thinker  
5.A socially engaging citizen  
6.A globally cultured person 
7.An excellent learner

For more than a decade, New Bright Future has partnered with musicians and their families helping them to learn the art of music - and the skills of performance. I am proud to have contributed to the musical education of hundreds of talented students in Omaha. Not only that, we have assisted them in their academic success and social well-being. I believe that both science and experience prove that musical instruction is a powerful, long-term way to improve the lives of others.  

"New Bright Future has taught me so much; I learned the importance of dynamics and the significance of rhythm. NBF has greatly increased my skills as a pianist. It has also taught me lots of useful methods from learning a song to memorizing it. I learned how to use different ways to helped me secure my fingerings and my memory....now my rhythm is steady and accurate. NBF has made the piano more enjoyable, by giving me fun and challenging songs to play. NBF has made me a great pianist and can make you one too." - Lilly Gu (OMTA Young Artist 1st prize winner) 

Brains of New Bright Future Students:
Stronger Neural Connections
More Grey Matter
Better Information Processing
Higher IQ
Better Memory and Attention
Better Gross Motor Skills
Improved Self Confidence

Contact New Bright Future today - enrollment is ongoing - openings are limited. The fact is, there are only so many students we can teach. Please don’t delay call today 402-697-8388 or 402-697-8388. You can also email nbfomaha@gmail.com. 

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