Below are sample achievements of our students:

    . Immanuel S. KVNO Classical Kid Award
  •  Marissa M. UNL College of Fine Arts' Nebraska Young Artist Award
  • Evalyn M. KVNO Classical Kid Award
  • 1st Prize Marissa M. OMTA Senior Division Young Artist Competition
  • 1st Prize Marissa M. Victor Borge Legacy Award 
  • 1st Prize Evalyn M. OMTA Junior Division Young Artist Competition
  • 1st Prize Marissa M. NMTA Senior Division, Nebraska State Competition
  • 1st Prize Klim F. NMTA Junior Division, Nebraska State Competition
  • 3rd Prize Julia B. MTNA Junior Division
  • Klim F. KVNO Classical Kid  
  • 3rd Prize Evalyn M. OMTA Junior Division Young Artist Competition  

  • 1st Prize & Marissa M. OMTA Intermediate Division, City Wide Competition, Most Musical Award  
  • 2nd Prize Julia B. NMTA Junior Division, Nebraska State Competition

(See testimonials for prior awards)   


​My family and I moved to Omaha from New Jersey ten years ago and found ourselves in need of an expert piano instructor for our children. My wife and I have nine children and believe that music in a important element in a well rounded, early education. So, we've had experience with a number of music professionals over the course of our family life. There have been good ones, and so-so-good ones, and I can freely admit that Mr. Soh is the best. Why? He does an excellent job teaching basic skills as a foundation. My older daughter Stephanie told us that even though she had studied under two other instructors prior to Mr. Soh, it was under his guidance that she truly began to fully understand the art of piano. Mr. Soh takes the time and effort to share his very significant talent and knowledge with his students. He cares about them, and wants to provide them the building blocks they will need to develop their skills over a lifetime. It is important to recognize that it is not always easy to teach young people how to read and play music; there are always so many distractions. Through his persistence and patience Mr. Soh always finds a way to communicate and educate his students, and to help them reach their full potential as musicians. I have know Ken for ten years and recommend him highly and without reservation. He is a good man and any student would be privileged to have him as a teacher of piano.

Stephen F. Eulie on Mon Dec 05 2016

​"I have three children who are currently receiving piano instruction from Mr. Ken Soh at his New Bright Future piano studio. During the year and a half that my children have received instruction there, they have made vast improvements in their understanding of music theory, ability to read music, rhythm, and articulation. As a former professional musician myself, I believe that Ken has developed an outstanding method of instrumental instruction that places a proper emphasis on precision and correct technique that will serve his students well as they continue to advance in their abilities." Sam. G

Emily Chen, studied piano and music from Mr.Soh for 13 years since she was 5 and now going to Harvard University Fall of 2011.

Dear Ken,Thank you so much for teaching me piano for 13 years!  I still remember learning staccatos for the first time and our first recital and now my recording of my own CD and arranging my song! ...Thank you so much for sharing with me not only the skills but how to enjoy playing, interpreting the stories behind each piece, and show musicianship.  For that, you have been much more than just a great piano teacher.  Thanks again and I will definitely keep you updated on college. 
Emily Chen​, Harvard graduate

Dear Ken, Thank you for teaching me what music is really about. You not only helped me pick out pieces, learn, practice, and play them, but you definitely also taught me the ideas and musical meaning behind them. You also helped me lay down a firm foundation so I could later on express myself without worrying about the stability of the piece. New Bright Future really helped me improve by setting higher goals for me and helping me achieve my full potential. Thank you again for all of the work that you have put in! Cassie Huang  (1st Prize winner of MTNA Senior Competition)

Dear Mr.Soh,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!  I hope your holiday is a good one and you enjoy it!

As I was thinking about who I would write cards to this Christmas, I thought that you, out of almost everyone I thought of, deserved it most.  This card is mostly going to be a thank you note-just so you know.

I remember when I first came to you for lessons, I really struggled. Your methods were very new to me as none of my previous teachers had ever been as careful or detailed.  I had grown pretty much being average and feeling that I was fine right where I was.   When I started doing 1234, LSL and SLS etc...it was challenging!  My mom kept telling me to press on, but I couldn't really see the point of all the practice.

It wasn't until recently that I began to see what I've become with you as my teacher.  A few things especially come to mind:

1.  The other teachers I had never pushed me "through the ceiling".  They didn't give me a vision for what I could become if I tried harder.

2.  They didn't give good Godly advice and examples.  More than ever I have learned from you that I play for an audience of ONE.

3.  None of my other teachers ever asked questions about my personal life, or were willing to take enough time to answer mine.  I really appreciate all the life lessons you've taught me-probably without even knowing it!

I can honestly say that you are the best teacher I have ever had.  Thank you so much for being patient, kind and willing to work with me even when it's difficult!  I deeply appreciate all your hard work.  What I am today I owe first to God but secondly to you.  I would have never made it otherwise.
Thank you so much again and Merry Christmas!
Julianna S ( winners of numerous prestigious awards such as Music Federation Club, Young Artist Competition, Lion Club National and others)

Mr.Soh is not only a great teacher of music, but a great friend and role model.  Because of his instruction I am now able to soar in my piano playing which is something I was certainly unable to do before.  As Beethoven put it, "Socrates and Jesus are my models." Mr.Soh is also a strong christian and lover of God.  His method is more effective and useful than any other method I have yet seen.  So, thank you Mr.Soh for getting this fledgling piano player to fly.  I am sure that you will be glad you came to him, as I am.  God bless!               Briley M.(winner of Young Artist Competition)

Dear Mr.Soh,Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into teaching me piano!  I have learned so much under your instruction and can honestly say that I would not be where I am if I had not had you as my teacher.  I greatly enjoyed our conversations together as well :)  Thank you once again.Sincerely,  Jimmy W  (winner of Young Artist Competition)

Dear Mr.Soh,It has been a joy being part of New Bright Future!  I love the way you push me to learn very challenging piano pieces, that when I was young, I would have only dreamed of playing before I took lessons with you.  You have inspired me in life and in music to give my very best in everything.  I was very lucky when we first started with you.  My first recital song seemed so challenging at the time.  But now I am playing college-level pieces and have recently won the First prize of the Junior division of the OMTA's Young Artist Competition.  The Lord has blessed me by giving us such a wonderful teacher like you.  And I pray He blesses as well.  Sincerely, Marissa M.​ (1st prize winner of multiple piano competitions) 

At my other piano lessons, I would play the songs, then practice them. That was all there was to it. New Bright Future has really made a difference. I've learned not only the music, but also techniques and showmanship. When I joined New Bright Future, my playing immediately started improving, and I can play much more complicated music now. My technique has improved a lot. I'm really glad I joined New Bright Future. Thanks for making me a better pianist, Ken!
Anne Wang (winner of Young Artist Competition) 

You're the best piano teacher ever!                Frank D  (Classical Kid featured at KVNO)

 New Bright Future has taught me so much; I learned the importance of dynamics and the significance of rhythm.  NBF has greatly increased my skills as a pianist.  It has also taught me lots of useful methods from learning a song to memorizing it.  I learned how to use different ways to helped me secure my fingerings and my memory....now my rhythm is steady and accurate.  NBF  has made piano more enjoyable, by giving me fun and challenging songs to play.  NBF has made me a great pianist and can make you one too.   Lilly Gu  (OMTA Young Artist 1st prize winner)    
I am a homeschooler with two beautiful daughters adopted from China. For the longest time, I have desired that the girls and I study their native language together. In our former home in CT, our only option for studying Mandarin was to enroll the girls in Chinese language classes that were invariably taught on Sundays, cutting into our church and Sunday School time. This was something I could never see my way clear to doing.

When we moved to Omaha  recently, I stumbled upon New Bright Future, and was overjoyed to see that, in addition to what looked like outstanding music lessons being taught there, Beth was also teaching Mandarin! I enrolled immediately. We have a small class of six students. Beth is a fantastic teacher. She is very well prepared for each and every lesson, and takes us at a pace which is appropriate for the cross-section of students in our class. She makes our class a lot of fun, while still requiring that we stay on task, complete assignments, and follow up with homework. She adds to the language aspect by lending materials on Chinese history and culture, broadening the experience as a whole. My girls love this, as they are learning more about their own beginnings. And, we are truly starting to be able to use the language (especially the girls!).     All three of us LOVE to come to class: we look forward to it as a highlight of our week. The really amazing thing is that my 12 year old, whom I imagined would balk at this, is enjoying every minute. That says it all!      Suzie Luchs, for Nora and Jia 

New Bright Future has changed me as a pianist.  For the first time, my playing has purpose.  Everything about my playing improved, from dynamics to musicianship.  Thank you, NBF and Mr.Soh.                 David Fu (Winner of OMTA Young Artist)

New Bright Future has helped me enjoy the piano. Before I joined New Bright Future, I was sullen to the piano and I never wanted to practice. After I joined, I have found time to practice and in all, I now have better management skills.     
James Y(winner of OMTA Young Artist)

I am so pleased with the lessons for the girls.  They had a small adjustment to make, as Rebecca is quite different from their previous teacher.  But, they are learning sooo much more and are becoming much more proficient.  We are excited to see where they go from here.   Sara E.

New Bright Future was what we needed for our children to enhance their God-given abilities particularly in music, in addition, they are taught to stay at task.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process by the dedication, love and integrity of those involved at NBF to train and instruct our children with utmost detail and high standards.  I know NBF is committed to providing the best training and learning experience.          Amos Y

Our family moved here a few months ago and we were looking to continue taking Chinese lessons and we found New bright Future. We found it to be a warm inviting friendly atmosphere.  My girls really are enjoying class and look forward to it each week.  The classes for me have been tailored to my needs and are lots of fun at the same time.                                  Darlene E.

We are very impressed with the quality of the New Bright Future lessons; Mr. Soh is particularly talented and is able to share his expertise on a practical level that makes following his direction easy, and fun.                                 Jay and Emily Hammans

I have been learning piano from Ken (Mr.Soh) for almost 8 years now and I really enjoy it.  He teaches me many different techniques and songs.  He also helps me attend and practice for concerts and competitions.  Just recently, I entered the OMTA Young Artist Competitions, and with Ken's hard work and patience trying to help me memorize and perform the song well, I won First Place  and the Most Musical Award.  I really like piano and will definitely remember that award.  I will continue to play the piano and to enjoy it.      Emily Chen (winner of several award includes the Young Artist Award from University of Nebraska in Lincoln and NMTA and MTNA.)

  We have two children learning to play pianos with Ken for years.  We are impressed by Ken's  piano technique and skill, as well as his knowledge in music.  Our kids have had great progress with Ken's help.  My daughter, Emily Chen, even got the "First Place" and the "Most Musical Award"  in Omaha Young Artist Competition this Spring.  We thank Ken's hard work.  He did a great job.                                   Parents of Emily Chen 

  Dear Mr.Soh,  I want to thank you for your teaching this semester.  You have a tremendous gift for both teaching and understanding music.  I have to admit that I was fearful of having a man teach me piano (I had only women teachers before), but you have been very respectful and extremely helpful in my pursuit of piano.  God definitely work beyond my unfounded fears!  I can't tell you how your teaching me to learn music not just to play it, has been a gift to me.  Thanks you for your hard work and your wonderful example of humility in your Christian walk.                                           Melani F. (a piano performance major who won the presidential award)

  Mr.Soh,  I'm so thankful that I've had the chance to get to know you better this year.  You have been such an encouragement to me, not only in music, but also in my spiritual walk.  Your knowledge, wisdom, and sense of humor add so much to my learning.  My piano playing has grown so much because of your guidance.  I really hope I can continue to take lessons from you through the next couple years.  Thanks for all that you do!                              Laural W.( a highly in demand music teacher in her hometown)

  Mr.Soh,  I just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated and loved having you as a piano professor and teacher!  I've learned so much in your classes and grown immensely in my musicianship because of you.  I also just really appreciate your humor in class and your willingness to share things about your life and culture with us.  Thanks for being a great professor and friend!                                                           Renea W.

  Mr.Soh,  Thanks for helping me improve my skills on the piano. You're a great teacher!
Leah.G. (A highly in demand piano teacher) 

  Thanks Bin. Jack's lessons are going very well -  Rachel seems an ideal fit for Jack, and he is progressing nicely. Yes, we are very happy with Rachel and New Bright...  We will recommend your school to friends who are looking for music teachers:) Jack's audition with OAYO Chamber strings went very well yesterday.                                       Jill and Bruce

Dear Mr.Soh,  We greatly appreciate your teaching and encouraging of our daughter, Tasha, as she grew in Christian character and in musician ability....We all sure that your teaching in diligence, attention to detail, and doing her best will be helpful to her in future experiences.  Tasha is teaching piano here in Atlantic, and I'm sure this will be a rewarding time for her.  We sincerely thank you for your teaching.                                      Nora and Clayton B.
 (Tasha is now a highly in demand piano teacher in her hometown)